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Fall Classic | Quartz

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The fall... The days are getting shorter & colder. Between the (hopefully) sunny days the summer outfits are gradually stored in the closet. While we bring out our warmer outfits that protect us against the ever colder days. The Watch Revolution team has searched for new watches for you that perfectly match those September outfits.

This Fall Classic | Quartz watch is the watch you can wear on just about every occasion &  outfit in the coming months. Thanks to its classic but modern look, it can be combined with just about anything.


And that again at a real outlet price! 😍


  • Turns to Quartz
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Fully waterproof
  • Length watch 23.5cm, and by fitting the hook closure around each wrist.

Watches & jewelry at outlet prices

The Watch Revolution was founded for and by real watch lovers. Every day we look worldwide for quality watches that we can offer at outlet prices. A number of advantages for you to buy from us are:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - are you not satisfied with your order? You can return it to us easily within 14 days
  • Always safe & pay fast
  • FREE shipping - we take the shipping costs of the products for our own account
  • Standard 1-year warranty - The Watch Revolution offers a standard 1-year warranty on every watch.

Order today and take advantage of the outlet price of €24.95 & FREE shipping!

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